Adventures in Art Exploration by Woody and Dolly


They are a curious duo.  Woody loves to show Dolly, who's new to the art world, her explorations into the works of famous artists while honoring me with the inclusion of my own art. 

In the first piece titled Museum Tour, Woody shows Dolly a Titian nude next to one of my nudes from the 1960's.  The writings are from my trip to Japan, where I had my sketchbook signed by various calligraphers situated in museums and temples who sign books for travelers and tourists.  The Japanese are fond of touring their own country, and have a "passport booklet" that gets signed and stamped in the various places of interest in the country. 

The second piece, titled, Woody and Dolly at the Aquarium, is an exploration of the work of German Expressionist, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.  The fish are sketches from my dive log, the landscape was inspired by his work.

The third in the series, Woody and Dolly in the Desert, was a discovery of the work of aboriginal painter, Lorna Fencer Napurrula, from Yumurrpa country, Austrialia.  Her paintings of bush potatoes and other elements in nature were her way of interpretingdreams.  If she were a white European male we would all know her name and work.